Credit Challeged?



Sometimes individuals go through a job loss, have previous debt or marital problems, unexpected medical issues or in some way have experienced a major financial set back.


This causes problems and you may be wondering; “How can I get approved to buy a vehicle?” You may also be wondering; “How can I be sure I’m getting a good deal?”


We looked at this challenge and have come up with the following solution.


The best way for Valley Toyota to serve customers with credit challenges is to follow these four steps.


1. Don’t judge anybody. This could happen to any one of us.


2. Train our financial managers to look for solutions that work for both our Clients and Valley

Toyota, so we can offer this type of service over the long term.


3. Help our clients improve their credit so we can do business with them again using conventional credit on their next vehicle.


4. Have one our staff dedicated to working exclusively in this market segment so we can offer

expertise that is second to none.



Contact our Financial Services Department today

 604-792-1167 or 1-888-263-1166


Give our experts a chance to reduce your credit pressure and get you into the vehicle you need.


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