Leasing Your Toyota

toyota lease advantage

Get behind the wheel of a new Toyota faster, thanks to our easy-to-understand financial services. Have a look at the options and information below to make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.


Want lower monthly payments
Like driving a newer car more often
Would like a short term commitment

Flexible Options

With available flexible lease-terms from 24-60 months, you can better plan for life's changing needs. Get in a new vehicle for your new job or expanding family, while staying on top of the latest vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and user-convenient technologies.

Peace of Mind

Toyota protects you from the things you can't control. Optional with every Lease is the Wear Pass Plan that protects against unexpected excess wear and tear.

Kilometer Allowance

Choose from 16,000, 20,000 and 24,000km allowances. With the standard 24,000km plan, you have the option of purchasing extra kilometers at a reduced rate upfront. If you are not sure, you can buy extra kilometers at lease end at our standard rate.

Benefits for Small Business Owners

Leasing may offer significant tax advantages in Canada to business owners. Check with your tax advisor to see if leasing benefits you. After all, you owe it to yourself to arrive at every meeting in style.

Residual Value

The Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) awarded four Toyota vehicles for the best residual value. At the end of your lease term, the vehicle's residual value is the worth of the car at that time. The higher the residual value, the lower your monthly payment, since you are only paying for the portion of time that you're using the car.

Higher Residual = Lower Monthly Payments

For example, a $30,000 vehicle leased for three years with a residual value of $14,000, means you're only paying $16,000 over three years. If the residual is $20,000 it means you're paying only $10,000 over three years (ie. Lower monthly payments)*

What Happens at the End of My Lease?

You have three simple options when your lease term has ended:

1. You may lease or finance another Toyota vehicle
2. You may purchase the vehicle at the Lease End Value indicated on your contract
3. You may return the vehicle as provided in your lease