Toyota Safety Sense

Designed to Keep You, Your Passengers, and All Who Share the Roads Safer

Standard on most models, Toyota Safety SenseTM (TSS) is an advanced suite of active safety features that are designed to support your awareness and decision-making across a range of speeds and driving conditions.


TSS-C features Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and Automatic High Beam.

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TSS-P enhances TSS-C, and adds Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to its suite of systems.

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TSS 2.0

Builds on TSS-P, and consists of up to six active safety and driver assistance systems.

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TSS 2.5+

TSS 2.5+ adds new capabilities to the Pre-Collision and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Systems, and enhances Lane Tracing Assist.

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Pre-Collision System


Pre-Collision System (PCS) provides collision avoidance or collision mitigation support in certain situations where a frontal collision is likely to occur, and in some cases, will automatically apply the brakes to help the driver.

TSS-P - Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

PCS has been enhanced to also help detect pedestrians in certain situations.

TSS 2.0 - Pre-Collision System with Daytime/Low-Light Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection, plus Daytime Bicycle Detection

PCS is also designed to help detect bicyclists in daytime situations, as well as vehicles and pedestrians in both daytime and low-light situations.

TSS 2.5+ - Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian (Daytime & Low-Light) & Daytime Bicycle Detection, Intersection Support & Emergency Steering Assist

PCS in TSS 2.5+ may warn you of oncoming pedestrians or vehicles when making a turn at an intersection and provide emergency braking in certain conditions. It also features Emergency Steering Assist, which is designed to stabilize the driver's emergency steering maneuver and keep the vehicle in its lane when avoiding a pedestrian, cyclist or another vehicle.

Lane Departure Alert

TSS-C - Lane Departure Alert

Lane Departure Alert (LDA) alerts you if you start to drift out of your lane when visible white/yellow lane markings are detected.

TSS-P - Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist

In addition to LDA, some models with TSS-P may include the Steering Assist function and may also provide small corrective steering inputs.

TSS 2.0 - Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection

LDA for TSS 2.0 alerts you if you start to drift out of your lane when visible white/yellow lane markings, as well as road edges or curbs at certain speeds, are detected. Steering Assist may also provide gentle corrective steering inputs if action is not taken.


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

TSS-P - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Intended for highway use, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), can automatically adjust your vehicle speed to maintain a preset following distance between you and the vehicle directly in front of you. The system is designed to work between speeds of approximately 40 km/h to 180 km/h.

TSS 2.0 - Full Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Full Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control can also perform vehicle-to-vehicle distance control down to 0 km/h, and resume from a complete stop.

TSS 2.5+ - Full Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Curve Speed Management

DRCC in TSS 2.5+ is enhanced with a Curve Speed Management function that will determine if the vehicle speed needs to be reduced when approaching a curve on the road and decelerate automatically when driving through a curve if required.

Lane Tracing Assist

TSS 2.0 - Lane Tracing Assist

In models with Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), LTA works with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to keep the vehicle centered in its visibly marked lane and preemptively avoid unintended lane departures.

TSS 2.5+ - Lane Tracing Assist with Enhanced Line & Road Recognition8

On vehicles equipped with TSS 2.5+, the lane recognition performance has been improved and the system may now recognize the line of travel in situations where road markings may have been temporarily interrupted.

Automatic High Beam

TSS-C, TSS-P, TSS 2.0, TSS 2.5+ - Automatic High Beam6

All TSS packages feature Automatic High Beam (AHB) headlamps. The system reacts to oncoming headlamps or preceding taillamps, automatically switching from high-beam to low-beam and then back again once the coast is clear.

Evolution of Safety

We're continually investing in research and development to find new ways to raise our quality, working to help keep you safe. That means leading the way when it comes to packaging safety features on our vehicles - so when you get behind the wheel, you can focus on the journey ahead and the simple joy of driving.

Toyota Safety Sense*™

Toyota believes that no matter the destination, everyone deserves to arrive safely. Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) offers an advanced suite of safety features standard on virtually all models.